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The return of a classic RSPS. Based on a 592 Revision
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 Bugs Found 05/13

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PostSubject: Bugs Found 05/13   Sun May 13, 2018 5:50 pm

Amulet of glory doesnt work.
Ring of dueling"
Games necklace"

*Staircase in wizard tower doesn't work.
*Add Imps that drop White, Black, Yellow and Red bead so you can finish Imp catcher quest

I can only get to second floor at Lumbridge castle then i'm stuck, cant go back down or up.
*Double doors to the kitchen room is kinda glitchy.

You can open both doors at Varrock big bank that leads to the "bankers area"
*Staircase to underground dont work, same with ladder up to roof

Underground wall tunnel from Grand Exchange to Edgeville does not work.

Can't cut uncut gems.
Using bolt tips on bolts does not work.

Not sure how much you've worked on Firemaking yet, but only normal logs will show up in a fire.
and when burning magic & yew logs, instead of a fire a huge? column appears and I have no
Idea what that is haha

dragon axe is used on head

Can't pick flax at Camelot.
Ladder up to spinning wheel at Camelot does not work.
Spinning wheel at Lumbridge castle second floor does not work.

picking up wheat at Lumbridge / Varrock dont work.
also putting grain in mill dont work so im stuck with Cooking assistant.

Cannot set up cannon
Grey & Red chinchompas can't be wield

I can use piety while using Chivalry (prayer)
same with piety+mystic might, piety+eagle eye
there are also more prayers that has the same behaviour
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs Found 05/13   Tue May 22, 2018 9:09 am

These bugs have officially been fixed.
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Bugs Found 05/13
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