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 Update: XP Tracker

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PostSubject: Update: XP Tracker   Wed May 23, 2018 9:03 pm

I'd like to note that I will only post special updates on these forums, the rest are listed on the launcher.

This update is regarding XP, as 562 during this time did NOT have a xp tracker. I'd like to introduce to you MedevilScapes very own XP tracker(Simple but very effective)

Fixed Screen Version

Resizable Screen Version

Tracking as you change Skills, first image is with level 1 prayer, second is with level 99 woodcutting and max XP

If you like keeping track of your xp, this little update will do it for you! It displays the skill you are currently training and will switch each time you train something else. Hitpoints however is not displayed.
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Update: XP Tracker
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