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 Player Command List

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PostSubject: Player Command List   Wed May 23, 2018 9:24 pm

Here are all of the commands normal players are currently able to do:
NOTE: You can use the console without the :: unless you prefer chat commands, regardless.

Some of these require additional characters, for example: ::NPCID Man, ::Emote 828, ::ITEMID Bronze Hatchet, etc etc.

::XPON - Displays XP Tracker
::XPOFF - Removes XP Tracker
::SPEC - Restores special attack
::RM - Sets walking render animation
::GFX - Makes random graphic appear
::NPCID - Locates a NPC by name in console
::EMOTE - Allows you to perform Emotes
::NPCME - Turns you into a random NPC
::PLAYERS - Displays players online
::ONLINE - Displays players online
::HOME - Teleports you to lumbridge
::BR - Refers to bug reports thread
::SUG - Refers to suggestions thread
::EMPTY - Deletes everything in Inventory
::ITEMID - Locates a item by name in the console
::ITEM - Spawns an item of your choice
::MASTER - Max all levels to 99    
::LVL - Level a specific skill to a specific level
::GFXLOOP - Loops through graphics from a startId to endId
::SDLOOP - Loops through sound effects from startId to endId        
::EMLOOP - Loops throuhg emotes from startId to endId    
::SD - Sends sound effects
::ME - Sends Music effects(Not actual music, this is based on something else)

--Special Commands on console
CLS - Clears command console completely
FPSON - Displays your FPS
FPSOFF - Removes FPS Display

there are more but I don't remember them all.
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Player Command List
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